Ferrari 812 Superfast Buyers Guide

When the 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast was introduced, it marked a significant milestone for Ferrari, following in the footsteps of the successful F12 Berlinetta. This wasn’t just about introducing a new model; it was about redefining the boundaries of what a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car could achieve.

As the flagship of Ferrari’s lineup at the time, the 812 Superfast seamlessly blended cutting-edge technology with classic Ferrari aesthetics. Tasked with surpassing the high standards set by the F12, the 812 aimed not only to meet but to exceed expectations, marrying the latest advancements with Ferrari’s timeless allure.

Under its finely sculpted hood lies an engineering marvel: a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine, the most powerful naturally aspirated road-going engine Ferrari had ever produced. Generating an astounding 789 hp, the 812 Superfast can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, with a top speed exceeding 211 mph, positioning it among the fastest grand tourers of its era.

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Beyond its performance, the 812 Superfast is known for its exceptional handling dynamics, the result of sleek aerodynamic design and state-of-the-art chassis development. This combination ensured that the car not only delivered straight-line speed but also showcased agility and precision on both winding roads and racetracks.

The design of the 812 Superfast features Ferrari’s rich heritage, featuring sleek aerodynamics, sharp lines, and the brand’s iconic styling cues, making it unmistakably a Ferrari. The 812’s design integrates form and function flawlessly, starting with its aggressive front end that displays the Ferrari prancing horse emblem, surrounded by air intakes that optimize cooling and aerodynamics.

The car’s flanks feature sculpted panels and integrated aerodynamic elements that enhance airflow and stability. The rear is characterized by quad circular taillights and a pronounced diffuser, emphasizing its high-performance credentials.

Inside, the cabin strikes a perfect balance between luxury and performance, incorporating ergonomic design and advanced technology inspired by Ferrari’s racing heritage. The interior offers a driver-focused layout, ensuring comfort and practicality for daily driving while maintaining the thrill of high-performance motoring.

Throughout its production years, the 812 Superfast faced competition from rivals like the Lamborghini Aventador S. Despite the competition, the 812 Superfast distinguished itself with its naturally aspirated V12 engine and grand tourer appeal, catering to enthusiasts who value a more refined and sophisticated presence without compromising on performance.

Model Changes (Breakdown by Year)

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

The 2018 model marked the debut of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, replacing the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Powered by a 6.5-liter V12 engine that delivers an astonishing 789 hp, the Ferrari 812 Superfast stands out for its remarkable performance.

Its low, sleek profile unmistakably asserts a dominant presence on the road. With a starting base price of approximately $335,000, the Ferrari 812 Superfast positioned itself competitively against the Lamborghini Aventador.

2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast

For the year 2019, Ferrari introduced the open-top version, the Ferrari 812 GTS. This model featured the same naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine as the 812 Superfast.

The 812 GTS boasted a retractable hardtop that could be deployed in 14 seconds at speeds up to 28 mph. 

Design updates included a reshaped rear deck to accommodate the roof mechanism, integrated roll hoops, and a new rear diffuser to maintain aerodynamic efficiency and stability at high speeds.

Additionally, It’s also Ferrari’s first front-engine V-12 convertible in 50 years, the last being the 365 GTS/4 Daytona.

The starting price for the Ferrari 812 GTS was $404,000 ($69,000 more than the coupe).

2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast

Heading into 2020, Ferrari’s V12 front-engine supercar enters the year without any significant updates.

2021 Ferrari 812 Superfast

For 2021, Ferrari introduced the 812 Competizione, a more extreme, track-focused variant of the 812 Superfast. This new model features an upgraded version of the 6.5-liter V12 engine, producing 830 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque, compared to the 789 hp of the standard 812 Superfast. The engine’s redline has been increased to 9,500 rpm, making it the highest-revving Ferrari V12 to date.

Enhanced aerodynamic features include a new front air intake, rear diffuser, and a distinctive rear spoiler, all designed to improve downforce and stability at high speeds.

The 812 Competizione boasts unique design elements, including a new hood design with air vents and carbon fiber inserts, giving it a more aggressive look. Extensive use of carbon fiber in the bodywork and interior helps reduce weight, contributing to improved performance and handling.

The car is equipped with Ferrari’s latest rear-wheel steering system, which enhances agility and cornering precision, along with an updated Side Slip Control (SSC) system that provides better handling dynamics by optimizing power delivery and stability during high-speed maneuvers.

Inside, the cabin features more carbon fiber and Alcantara materials, reflecting its track-focused nature while maintaining a high level of comfort and luxury. The latest infotainment system and digital displays provide a modern and intuitive user experience, ensuring drivers stay connected and informed.

Alongside the coupe, Ferrari also introduced the 812 Competizione A (Aperta), a limited-run convertible variant, providing an open-top driving experience with the same performance upgrades.

Ferrari only made 500 Ferrari 812 Competizione coupes and 812 Competizione A models made. 

The starting price for the Ferrari 812 Competizione coupe and the 812 Competizione A is $601,000.

2022 Ferrari 812 Superfast

In 2022, Ferrari continued to refine the 812 Superfast with subtle updates focused on enhancing the driving experience and incorporating the latest technology. 

These updates included minor software enhancements to improve infotainment and driver assistance systems. Additionally, Ferrari offered new customization options through the Tailor Made program, allowing customers to further personalize their 812 Superfast.

Prices remained the same as the previous year for the Ferrari 812 Superfast and Ferrari 812 GTS.

2023 Ferrari 812 Superfast

For the year 2023, there were no significant updates to the Ferrari 812 Superfast and the GTS. 

2024 Ferrari 812 Superfast

By 2024, the 812 Superfast coupe was still being produced, standing alongside the 812 Competizione models. However, this is the last year before the new Ferrari 12cilindri is introduced as the replacement for next year.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Common Problems

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is an example of Ferrari’s tradition of engineering excellence, yet it comes with the realities of maintaining a high-performance sports car, which can often be expensive.

In addition, potential owners must conduct a thorough Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) through an authorized dealer or a knowledgeable independent mechanic. This step is essential to identify any underlying issues and ensure that the car remains in optimal condition, maintaining the high standards of performance and luxury that Ferrar is known for.

Below is an overview of some issues that owners might encounter:

Cooling System Problems: One of the common issues is with the radiator hose, which can detach due to a problematic hose clamp. This can cause the coolant to spill and potentially lead to overheating problems. Owners have noted that the hose clamp holding the lower radiator hose can fail, leading to coolant loss and potential engine overheating if not promptly addressed.

Electrical Faults: Various electrical problems have been reported, including issues with the car’s cameras, infotainment system, and other electronic components. These faults can sometimes be resolved by simple resets but may also require more extensive dealer intervention. For example, some owners have experienced the cameras failing to activate properly, leading to multiple trips to the dealership for diagnosis and repair.

Battery and Charging Issues: The 812 Superfast can suffer from battery-related problems, especially if the car is not regularly connected to a trickle charger. Low battery voltage can lead to various electronic faults and even prevent the car from starting. Owners have reported that maintaining a consistent charge is crucial to avoid these issues, as the vehicle’s electronics are sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

Tire Wear and Vibration: Rapid tire wear and vibrations, particularly with the original Pirelli P Zero tires, have been reported by some owners. These tires may not last long under aggressive driving conditions and can cause discomfort due to vibration issues. Some owners have opted for alternative tire brands to improve longevity and reduce vibration.

Interior Rattles and Noises: Occasional reports of rattles and squeaks from the interior are common, including noises from the hatch or rear luggage cover, and minor annoyances like seatbelt rattles. These noises can be particularly noticeable on rough roads and can detract from the overall driving experience.

Sensor and Warning Light Glitches: Random warning lights and sensor errors have been reported, which sometimes clear after a restart but can be persistent and require dealer diagnostics to fix. These glitches can involve various systems, including the E-diff, power steering, and rear-wheel steering, sometimes necessitating multiple trips to the dealer for resolution.


2018-2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast vehicles

Visibility (Recall no. 20V614000)

The rear window on these vehicles may have been bonded incorrectly, which may lead to decreased, long-term adhesion. The rear window could fully detach from the vehicle, creating a road hazard, and increasing the risk of a crash.

2018-2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast vehicles

Fuel system, gasoline (Recall no. 19V090000)

The fuel vapor separator may crack and allow fuel to leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may increase the risk of fire.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Maintenance and Ownership Costs

Owning a Ferrari 812 Superfast will require a commitment to meticulous maintenance. Adhering to a regular service schedule is crucial for preserving its condition and performance. The costs for these services can vary, depending on whether the car is taken to an authorized Ferrari dealer or an independent specialist.

Here is the suggested service schedule and intervals per Ferrari:


  • Labor, original replacement parts, lubricants, engine oil, and brake fluid.
  • Service is linked to the car, transferring with ownership if sold.


  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement.
  • In-cabin air filter replacement.
  • Indicator lights check.
  • Visual brake inspection (pads and discs).
  • Electric parking brake system inspection.
  • Gear oil check and top-off, if necessary.
  • Hydraulic fluid levels check.
  • Visual inspection for leaks.
  • Front and rear suspension components check.
  • Road test, hand wash, and vacuum.


  • Repeat the first-year maintenance.
  • Auxiliary belt replacement.
  • Engine and gearbox mounting fastener tightness check.


  • Includes all items from the second-year service.
  • Spark plugs replacement.
  • Auxiliary belt replacement.

Here is a rough estimate of typical service costs associated with the Ferrari 812 Superfast:

Oil Change – The cost starts at approximately $400 from the independent mechanic or $1000 from the dealer. This includes not just the oil change but also a series of checks and replacements such as engine oil filter, brake fluid, air filters (if necessary), and a thorough inspection of several components.

Minor Service – This service includes the items listed in the annual service plus additional inspections and replacements like the A/C belt (recommended every 30,000 miles or 2 years). The price starts at around $1,700, covering a comprehensive check and maintenance routine to ensure the car’s performance.

Major Service – For a major overhaul, which includes replacing spark plugs, and air and fuel filters, among other things, prices start at about $3,500. This service is more extensive, aiming to thoroughly maintain the car’s systems and performance over the long term.

Tires – A set of high-performance tires like Michelin PS4 will cost about $2,000.

Brakes – Rotors are carbon ceramic which should last forever. Aftermarket brake pads that are OE equivalent will cost about $800 for a full set.

Clutch – Dual clutch transmission should last the lifetime of the car so expect zero additional expenses for clutch or flywheel service.

Also note, that every new Ferrari has a 3-year/unlimited mileage factory warranty in addition to the 7-year free maintenance program. The factory warranty can be extended by two years with bumper-to-bumper coverage. This added cost feature extends the warranty through the fourth and fifth years of ownership.

Options List

The Ferrari 812 Superfast has a list of options and packages that customers can choose from.

Ferrari offers a vast palette of paint colors, including iconic Ferrari reds like Rosso Corsa, sophisticated blacks, and a variety of special hues such as Blu Tour De France and Giallo Modena. For those seeking an even more distinctive look, Ferrari’s Tailor Made program allows for completely bespoke paint jobs.

The exterior can also be enhanced with different wheel designs, including forged wheels that offer a combination of lightweight performance and visual appeal. Options for brake caliper colors further add to the personalization, allowing owners to select colors that contrast or complement the body paint.

For the interior, the 812 Superfast comes with options that lets you choose from a variety of materials and finishes. Owners can choose from a selection of premium leather and Alcantara for the seats, dashboard, and door panels. The leather is available in a wide range of colors, from classic black and tan to more vibrant colors. 

Contrast stitching and embroidered Ferrari logos on the headrests can further enhance the bespoke feel. For those looking to add a sporty edge, carbon fiber trim can be selected for the dashboard, center console, and door sills. The steering wheel can also be fitted with carbon fiber and integrated LED shift lights.

Additional interior options include different seat styles, such as racing seats with enhanced bolstering for better support during spirited driving. These seats not only provide superior support but are also a desirable option. In addition, Ferrari introduced the passenger display screen, allowing passengers to view performance data such as speed, adding an interactive and engaging element to the driving experience.

Ferrari’s advanced infotainment system can be upgraded to include a premium audio system, providing high-quality sound. Other comfort and convenience features, such as dual-zone climate control, adjustable seats with memory settings, and a rearview camera, are available to ensure that the 812 Superfast is as comfortable as it is exhilarating to drive.

The exterior options for the Competizione include aerodynamic upgrades such as carbon fiber front and rear diffusers, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, and a more aggressive front splitter. These components not only reduce weight but also improve the car’s aerodynamic efficiency, contributing to better handling and stability at high speeds.

Lightweight carbon fiber wheels are another option, offering a significant reduction in unsprung weight, which enhances the car’s agility and responsiveness.

Inside, the Competizione emphasizes a racing-focused environment with options like racing harnesses and additional carbon fiber trim. The seats are available in various configurations, including carbon fiber racing seats that provide maximum support during high-speed cornering. Alcantara upholstery is prevalent throughout the cabin, offering a lightweight yet luxurious material that is also practical for track use.

The Competizione can be equipped with a telemetry system that allows drivers to monitor their performance on the track, recording data such as lap times, g-forces, and engine parameters. This system is invaluable for those who take their Competizione to the racetrack and want to analyze and improve their driving skills.

Furthermore, both the 812 Superfast and the 812 Competizione benefit from Ferrari’s Tailor Made program, which provides the highest level of personalization. This program allows owners to work directly with Ferrari’s design team to create a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle. Options include custom colors, unique interior materials, and bespoke finishes that are not available in the standard options list.

Ferrari ensures that every detail can be tailored to meet the highest standards of individual taste and performance expectations. Because of the strict approval requirements, cars that went through the Tailor Made program are considered highly desirable. 

These cars usually command a higher premium in the market due to their exclusivity and uniqueness.

Key Options

2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast Window Sticker

Ferrari 812 Superfast Price and Values

The Best Ferrari 812 Superfast to Buy

When it comes to buying a Ferrari 812 Superfast, there are several key factors to consider that can impact the car’s long-term value and ownership experience.

Some of the criteria are broken down into a few categories:

For 812 Superfast models that are likely to be appreciated in the long term, the limited-edition variants such as the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A stand out. These models are more exclusive and come with performance enhancements, making them highly sought after by collectors.

With a production run limited to a few hundred units, they are going to be future collectibles and are expected to hold their value better than standard models.

The standard 812 Superfast is also a strong purchase option due to its blend of luxury, performance, and Ferrari’s engineering excellence. Key desirable options include the carbon fiber exterior package, which adds a sporty aesthetic and reduces weight, and the front lift system, which helps navigate steep driveways and speed bumps.

Photo by Clark Atiken

The carbon bucket seats and carbon fiber interior trim are also popular choices for those looking to enhance the car’s sporty feel. On the other hand, all 812 Superfast models, including the standard and GTS (convertible), with the right options, will remain a strong purchase due to their reputation for being extremely well-built and among the most exciting grand tourers available.

In addition, the condition and mileage of the car are crucial factors to consider when buying a Ferrari 812 Superfast. Many have been driven hard, but well-maintained cars with low mileage are more likely to retain their value in the long run and will fetch the most money when it’s time to sell.

Therefore, it’s important to do your research, compare prices, and look for well-maintained cars with the right options if you are considering purchasing an 812 Superfast with the goal of not losing any money. Ensuring the car has been regularly serviced and comes with a full-service history will also help maintain its value and reliability.


In conclusion, for around $305,000+, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is a great choice for those looking for a high-performance grand tourer that combines power with luxurious comfort. Its naturally aspirated V12 engine delivers lots of driving excitement.

While other high-performance vehicles might offer similar thrills, like the Lamborghini Aventador S, the Ferrari 812 Superfast stands out for its classic Ferrari design and iconic V12 engine. It represents the pinnacle of Ferrari engineering.

If you’re in the market for a gentleman’s supercar, you won’t go wrong with the Ferrari 812 Superfast.

Car Hacking Shortcuts

  • Spec matters: Look for any Tailor Made cars or optional colors. 

  • Carbon fibre exterior and interior also help with resale value

  • 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A is a highly desirable car

  • Look for well-maintained, low miles 812

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