What cars make up Luka Doncic’s luxury collection?

The NBA continues to marvel at Luka Doncic, whose Dallas Mavericks face the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Western Conference finals series. The Slovenian point guard is hoping to be a major force once again, despite battling injury frustrations, with eyes on taking his team all the way this season.

Off the court too, the 25-year-old has plenty of focus. Having welcomed his first daughter, Gabriela, at the end of last year, he is engaged to his partner, Anamaria Goltes. He’s also enjoying some of his other passions, including his impressive car collection.

Doncic building up his car collection

The player spoke about his love of cars in an interview with Esquire magazine, as well as the fleet of cars he has amassed and which are kept in his garage. “My first luxury car was a Porsche Panamera,” he began, adding, “Now I have 13 cars.”

The Mavericks star pointed out that he has more than one Porsche model: “I still have a Porsche, a 911, in Slovenia.” In addition, he owns another dozen cars, each one more luxurious, including sporting brands such as Ferrari.

Doncic’s favorite car: an Apocalypse Hellfire 6×6

As for the other cars in Doncic’s garage, he revealed that he owns a purple, almost fluorescent Lamborghini Urus, a red Ferrari 812 Superfast, a blue 1968 Chevrolet Camaro and the large Jeep Gladiator Apocalypse Hellfire 6×6, which turns out to be his favorite, and which has six wheels and almost 800 horsepower. It’s the crown jewel of his collection, with a retail price of 250,000 euros.

Getting into the car and heading out for a spin helps the NBA star to clear his mind and unwind: “I like driving. It’s personal time. I drive everywhere. Sometimes until late at night, out there. In summer, I like to drive by the sea.”

During the interview, Doncic test drove another vehicle that he was thinking of buying, an orange hybrid Koenigsegg Regera that has a price of three million dollars (a little more than 2.8 million euros at the current exchange rate). In the end, he finally decides against buying the Swedish car as it doesn’t quite have enough space to accommodate his 2.04-meter frame.

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