Nina Hughes: British boxer wrongly declared winner by ring announcer before result changed: ‘I’ve been robbed’ | Boxing News

Nina Hughes was announced as the winner of her bout against Cherneka Johnson in Perth, only for the decision to then be changed as the Brit claimed: “I’ve been robbed.”

Frantic and chaotic scenes with the scorecard saw ring announcer Dan Hennessey mistakenly announce Hughes as the winner. He shortly corrected the mistake, meaning Hughes lost her WBA bantamweight title to Australian Johnson.

“I just don’t get it,” 41-year-old Hughes said.

“How can they announce I had won and then change the scores? I thought I’d dominated early. I thought she won a few of the later rounds but I felt like I won it comfortably.

“I don’t get how you can announce the winner and then change the scores.

“It’s a joke. I feel like I’ve been robbed big time. There’s got to be a rematch. I didn’t lose that fight.”

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Hughes was adamant she had won the fight and demanded a rematch

Cherneka Johnson, Nina Hughes (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)
Huge controversy saw Britain’s Hughes incorrectly announced as the winner after a tight fight (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

Hughes later took to social media and tweeted: “The dirty side of the sport I love.”

Speaking immediately after, Johnson thought she’d done enough to win and originally felt she was put in a position where she “just had to accept” the verdict when Hughes was initially read out as the victor.

“I’m not the judge and I’m just glad that they figured out the wrong decision,” Johnson said.

“Nina was a tough fight. I’m not the judges but I definitely think I won that fight. I’m just over the moon I won this bout.”

Cherneka Johnson, Nina Hughes (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)
Aussie Johnson was eventually declared the winner, after a strong display (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

In the main event of the evening, a dominant Vasiliy Lomachenko stopped George Kambosos Jr in the 11th round to win the IBF lightweight title in Perth.

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