Exclusive images of the Lamborghini Urus-based $2.7 million Dartz SUV

Earlier this year, Dartz announced a new SUV called the Prombron Iron Diamond CLV. It’s based on the Lamborghini Urus, and here are some of the first images of the upcoming SUV.

These 3D renders are of an early concept and do not represent the final design. However, we’ve been told that the Urus-based Iron Diamond will be a Landaulet. Therefore, we can expect to see a four-door design with a loading bay at the rear.

Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond CLV-render-1

We can also report that the first Dartz Iron Diamond will have a two-tone colour scheme featuring Robin Egg Blue and Rose Gold. Some might find it a bit loud, but that’s the whole point of a Dartz SUV. Its massive size and unconventional looks make it stand out – a perfect vehicle to announce your arrival.

The Iron Diamond CLV will share most of its components with the donor Lamborghini Urus. This includes the chassis and the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which produces 657 hp in its stock configuration.



According to Dartz, celebrities are among the main clientele for the Iron Diamond CLV. Obviously, the $2.7 million price tag on this Lamborghini-based SUV isn’t something you and I can afford.

Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond CLV-render-3

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