Ex-Koenigsegg designer to unveil Nilu27 hypercar at Pebble Beach

Last year, Sasha Selipanov, the former Head of Design at Koenigsegg, announced his venture, Hardline27. The company provides automotive design and brand consulting services. What we didn’t know is that he was also secretly working on another exciting project – Nilu27.

Nilu27 is a new hypercar brand founded by Selipanov. The company is all set to showcase its first creation at Pebble Beach on August 15, 2024.

Details about the Nilu27 hypercar are scarce. However, we do know that it is not electric. In a social media post, the company stated, “Unfazed by digitalization, electrification and other distractions, we’re focusing on the ultimate automotive experience with a healthy dose of “holy shit” mixed in for good measure.”

Sound promising, right? Well, the first image of the Nilu27 hypercar looks equally exciting. It has minimal bodywork at the rear, a centrally-mounted triple exhaust and a massive diffuser. The teaser video also reveals a glass canopy with butterfly doors, inboard suspension and a triple-plane rear spoiler.

You can hear the engine roar at the end of the short teaser clip. We suspect it could be powered by an angry V8.

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