Designer of Bugattis and Koenigseggs teases Nilu hypercar

The talented designer behind cars like the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Gemera is just months out from revealing his own hypercar.

We’re talking about Sasha Selipanov, who recently started the design consultancy Hardline27 based in Los Angeles. His new hypercar, the Nilu, will provide a taste of just what’s possible at the company.

The Nilu is the first model from the newly established performance marque Nilu27, and we’ll see the covers come off during 2024 Monterey Car Week taking place this August.

A short teaser video released over the weekend reveals the exposed rear of the car complete with a high-mount exhaust and huge venturi tunnels. The video also confirms the car will feature gullwing doors, and includes a soundbite of the engine’s exhaust note which points to a V-8 coming.

There aren’t any details to go on beyond the designers being freed from “distractions” such as digitalization and electrification. Instead, they focused on the driving experience, as well as delivering much of the awe that many recent performance cars, including some hypercars, have lacked.

The debut will take place on Aug. 15 at Pebble Beach.

Selipanov earned his bachelor’s degree in transportation design at the Art Center College of Design in California in 2005. After graduation, he joined the Volkswagen Group, where he was responsible for multiple designs, including not only the Chiron but also the Lamborghini Huracán. He then headed to Genesis, briefly, where he was involved in designs for the Essentia and Mint concepts. He then become head of design at Koenigsegg, where he helped pen the Gemera and CC850 hypercars. Now he’s ready to reveal a hypercar of his own making.

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