Best Car Lease Deals in June 2024

June is shaping up to be an excellent month to lock in a low monthly payment on your next ride. Lease payments start as low as $179 per month, and some leases require less than $2,900 at signing. Lease terms in this slideshow range from three to four years. To save you some money, we combed through all the car brands’ websites to pull together the best lease deals this June.

Leasing gives you peace of mind because you lock in a monthly payment, and in most cases leased vehicles are under warranty for the entirety of the lease. With leasing, you only pay for depreciation, so your monthly payments are typically lower than if you purchased the same vehicle. Leasing is also a great way to spend less per month and switch vehicles every few years.

Check with your local dealer for pricing and availability in your area or if you have questions about a specific lease special. These deals reflect some of the best incentives on the market, with many requiring an excellent credit score.

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